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What I see:
I see the field and beyond that
I see the houses and beyond that
I see the mountains.
But then I look deeper.
Aren’t there people before the field?
Aren’t there trees before the houses?
Aren’t there all of these beyond the mountains?

What I hear:
I hear sparrows chirping their songs
of love, hate, superiority and
anything imaginable by us plus
anything imaginable by sparrows.
But aren’t the songs of the cars
louder than the sparrows?
Why do I hear the sparrows first?
Because the sounds of the cars are indefinable?
Because the sparrows live and feel and touch?
Why is this?

I smell fallen leaves moistened by a snow.
I smell a sharp aroma
which you smell
only on a summer’s eve.
But what am I supposed to smell?

The world told me
that the filth and waste
of a thousand people
would thicken the air.
I believed them.
This is not a summer’s eve
but a day in supposedly the coldest time of year,
yet it is warm.

What I have learned from this:
There are three ways to live––
here, following the unavoidable facts like a religion;
there, hoping for a miracle and living on luck;
neutral, all those small lost souls in between.
We are neutral.
Before time can be complete
we must learn our boundaries
and conquer them.
Knowledge is divided into half,
intelligence and wisdom.
With wisdom we can find our boundaries,
with intelligence we can conquer them.
We won’t do these ever
but maybe we can try.
The more we learn
the longer we can ask questions.
Another step.

Noah Pollack (age ten)

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